Wednesday, April 23, 2014

What I Want Wednesday

Because I'm feeling extravagant and Wednesday offers a perfect opportunity for witty alliteration [What I Want Wednesday.]  My list below alludes to someone well over my 17 years, perhaps I'm just an old lady with a penchant for books and over the top, cooking appliances.

A pretty library with books stacked in every which way...

A Kitchen Aid mixer... make that a bedazzled kitchen aid mixer.  Holy Moly.  It exudes more femininity then my whole closet. 

Saint Laurent / Louboutin / Margiela / Givenchy

I'm obsessed with yellow; more in accessories, less in clothing.  It's like mascara; just a swipe and it makes it all better. 

Monday, April 21, 2014


close your eyes, make a wish

mind my facial expression, I look kinda mad. 

Paige Jeans // Gap tee & belt // Adidas sneakers 

I jumped on the Adidas bandwagon.  (superstars vs stan smith, take your pick) I really wanted the Stan Smith but I couldn't track them down in my size.  These puppies were an impulse buy after walking around the mall for 3 hours with sore, ankle boot clad feet.  And I wonder where all my money goes?  These are kids shoes. ;) 

LOOKEE at my hair!! Something I haven't seen in a long time... no blonde, no ombre... but my au naturel color!  Not au naturel... at the moment but, bottle naturel. 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Book Review: The Fault in Our Stars

The Fault in Our Stars.  I was hesitant to read the book for a while because I knew it was sad.  I'm drawn to 'fallen in love with a billionaire, engaged in 3 weeks' kinda books (or Pride and Prejudice) so this one was definitely on the opposite side of the spectrum.  I finished the book in 2 days and ended up loving it. What makes the book so good is that its different.  It has a certain sense of individuality to it which makes it fresh. It's not a token romance book but it's very real.  John Green tells it like it is; which I am always an advocate for.  Whilst reading, I found myself rooting for Hazel and Augustus. I was uneasy when things went south and giddy when things went right.  To break it down, I got very emotionally attached.. which I do quite often. It was easy to forget that Hazel and Augustus were only 16 and 17.   The book spreads warm messages about people coming into our lives for a reason.  And that not even love--can be stopped by the faults in our stars.

I really enjoyed this book and I like the way it made me feel while I read it.  I felt warm and fuzzy shared with sadness.  Quite a mixture of emotions.  This book is very special.  It's not some sappy, teenage, love story thats only relatable if you listen to One Direction or are barely eligible to drive. Hazel and Gus's story can be enjoyed by many. It's not a story about cancer but about their unconventional love.

Go get it, here! 

Well, theres me digging deep on a Thursday morning for ya.  I'm sad the book is over and lacking a sequel, but then again, sometimes it's good to leave it where it's good.  The movie is coming out in June and I have watched the trailer quite a lot, I still get goose bumps.

Here's my other review of It by Alexa Chung. 

Monday, April 14, 2014


Coachella - the land of happy music, floral crowns, glam camping (does such a thing exist?) watermelon chunks, hot sun, coconuts... I am dealing with a hardcore case of Coachella envy at the moment.  This happens every year around this time....I've already decided I'm going next year so how convenient of me to plan my outfits a year in advance. 

 All outfits below differ from the token Coachella outfit consisting of cutoffs, a crop top, and ankle boots... below is overalls, funky sneakers and cowboy boots paired with fanny packs and balloon like culottes.  Straying away from the basics, still keeping the chella vibe. 

Cause you can't coachella (now a verb) without overalls. its unacceptable.  This circular bag is probably as helpful as a back pocket but its perfect for Coachella! So, a free pass it's given. 

Love these balloon shorts paired with Willy wonka sunnies. 

These boots walk into your life with the Coachella wristband already attached to them. Not really because then I'd already own them but you get the gist. They're perfect. 


This denim romper has a cheeky zipper down the back, making it impossible to use the bathroom.. it's so dang cute though. Can you say 'buddy system bathroom breaks?' I sure as hell can.