Monday, August 10, 2015

Wine n Dine

It's no secret I loveeeee food.  Making it, eating it... I'm a fan either way.  I recently discovered the Wine n Dine app! It's like instagram for food/wine. I love it because personally, I love food pictures on instagram.  Though I keep mine to a minimum (to avoid being a total fatty) this app fully supports all your food pictures and welcomes them! It also allows you to like pictures and add them to a list of foods you wanna try. Super helpful when trying to pick a restaurant with friends/family.  Is that not the hardest thing in the world?! I read in an article a little while ago that said Gigi Hadid loves the app.  Now I totally see why.  Follow me @reeceyberry! 

PS try the banana cupcake at Sprinkles. (the one with the blue and yellow circle) It's to die for. Just make sure you go on the right day! 

Friday, August 7, 2015

Tsk Tsk Tsk.. shoes I want.

So I leave for school in 6 days!!!!! Holy moly was summer a blink.  And with that comes the crappy task of cleaning my room, closets, and everything else under the sun.  I do a little bit everyday so it's not totally horrendous (yes.)  I started packing up my shoes today and holy guacamole (yum) I have a ton of them!  I'm worried about how they're all gonna fit, short from sleeping with them in the bed, I just don't knooowwwww.  Obviously I'm a shoe girl.  As I sit here and talk about more that I want.... eeekkkkkkkkk.  

These are a Swedish brand called Eytys.  I'm really liking sneakers with a platform because I'm not that tall (5'5 ish) and they do wonders!  I'd love them in all white but they're canvas and those get dirty so fast.  For what they're worth, they're sorta pricey starting at $160.  Steven Madden has a dupe that look spot on for $70.  I may or may not bite the bullet because I looovvveee these. 

I'm such a fan of tall boots that I don't really pay attention to other styles.  I can't get moto boots off my mind and I love these Valentinos!  They're perfect for skinny jeans and a tee and that makes life SO EASY. 

I like high tops to wear with joggers and these Vans just make sense. 

Wednesday, August 5, 2015


It's been a while since one of these huh?  It's the first time I've wore jeans in forever so now I have proooooof!  This shirt here is my favorite!  It's so soffftttt and it's quirky!  I love kale so its perfect.  And I've decided I'm so over skinny jeans.  Boyfriend jeans are the way to go foreverrrrr.  I must say while I'm at it I like to wear my kale shirt with my birkenstocks and it's quite a doozie! ;)

Monday, August 3, 2015

This Bag !!

Is this not the most breathtaking boy bag?! I'm a sucker for velvet Chanel bags.  I love the quirky texture.  Per usual I loveeee this guy! It's a mere $3,700 and absolutely gorgeous.  For what it's worth the velvet is cheaper then the leather.  Hahah. Although I've heard the velvet Chanel bags have color transfer after one wear.  No bueno!!!!!!  And so not worth it, honestly.  Maybe a dark color like black would be okay.  This one still rocks, though.  It's okay to admire from afar!