Saturday, January 30, 2016

Hold Up....

I know you're thinking; "Wait homegirl, you just made a case not even an hour ago for non-basic shoes."  A few months ago I was raving to my friend about how bad I want cheetah Stan Smith.  THIS IS MY BASIC SHOE DREAM COMING TRUE.  Jeez.  I want these way bad. Holy cheetah.

A case for black high top vans...

Express sweater, lululemon pants, Vans sneakers 

Sneakers have totally taken charge and won over the fashion world.  They're everywhere and I say it's my most favorite trend probably ever... up there with overalls and gauchos.... (I'm talking to those Limited Too ones I had that were green and tied at the waist... in like third grade.)  Now with sneakers being so worldly right now, the problem leads to originality and lack there of, really.  
It started with the wedge sneaker... Stan Smith and anything Adidas. White sneakers. Lets throw in the black Nikes that go with everything in there. (Ahem, Roshes)  The slip on sneaker.   The platform sneaker.  I've jumped on board with all of it.  I own multiples of all of it. But I want to feel like I have my own style.  I hate doing what everyone else does and I don't want whats all over instagram.. but then maybe I do because I own all of it?  This year, I want to find my own way of doing everything. I like these high top Vans because they're on trend but I feel like I can tackle it in my own way.  They're super comfy and $55, I don't know what they do wrong.  

Monday, January 11, 2016

cute but whaaaa?

Brandy Melville Tee // Paige jeans // Vans sneakers 

I feel like a cool tomboy in this outfit....I think its the shoes! And I dig it.  These shoes work with the black jeans because they're both black.  Which is a KEY.  Match the color of your shoes to your pants if you want your legs to look longer.. and if you're a lil chunk with short legs (ME) then you want that hella. So if you read my boob it says 'Cute but Psycho.' I saw this teeshirt on instagram and thought it was hilarious. (and maybe scary if you get close enough?)  And if you know me, you know that when I like something ( and want it) I talk about it a lot. aka I'm easy to buy gifts for.  So I talked a lot about this shirt and my friend got me it!!  It's so soft!!!!! It's funny because I'm totally not psycho. I promise.  I'm more reasonable go with whatever.  So fashion being a way to express yourself without talking?  Not running my way this time huh?  No, it's following the crazy train. 

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Beauty: 5 Uses for Lemons...

1. hot water and lemon! duhh! sorry I had to do this one.  it's so good for you (and your complexion) and too easy not to include it! 

2.  spray in your hair before you find the sun for highlights! though I don't recommend this often because it makes your hair dry.  focus on the pieces near your face. 

3. Lemon, coconut oil and sugar is a great exfoliant! your face will feel so soft after. 

3. Lemon, sugar and honey is a great lip scrub. (followed by LOTS of aquaphor.)

4.  lemon can lighten age spots and acne scars. dab on a bit before bed. 

5. mix 1/2 lemon juice and baking soda to make a teeth whitening paste.  brush on your teeth, let it sit for a minute and rinse.  I find this extremely helpful and easy.  

Go getcha citrus on! I've tried each of this before I can attest to all of them.  They work and they're easy! GO lemons!