Saturday, August 23, 2014

Brownie Bites

I've been MIA for a week because school. Yuccccck.  I woke up to the FIRST day of my senior year with a honkin' huge zit on the tip of my nose.  I mean HUGE. How that happened I don't even know. It was a sign from God to go hide in a sleeping bag for the rest of the week because today, Friday, my nose is normal, sans zit.  I'm not complaining, okay I am but the timing sucked. This was a moment where TIMING IS EVERYTHING. And it was off, OFF.  You can only go walking around with your hand on your nose like your about to sneeze for so long.

I got a mini cupcake pan recently and my patience was no where to be found so off I went to make choco chipo brownie bites.  The cupcake pan makes every brownie chewy which is a win, win, win.

I used this recipe but I make my own rules.  Big bowls, little bowls, don't matter your mess not mine. Chocolate chips, shaved chocolate -- again your mess not mine.  My mess or lack there of, was semi sweet chocolate chips.

Monday, August 18, 2014

A pictures worth 1000 words.

HEY FRIENDZZZ.  Lets talk this picture --  we got baes for days (with hourglass figures,, yeah?!) and my sorta kinda maybe unflattering denim jumper (or so my mom tells me.)   But most importantly.......lookee! Overalls aren't man repelling!!!!  A picture is worth a thousand words and here is a thousand words on why overalls aren't man repelling duhhhhhhhhhh.  THEY DON'T CARE, THEY LOVE IT.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Mac n Cheese egg rolls

I love asian food..and cheeseburgers, pizza, gucamole....I've got myself quite a worldy palate!  My best friend came over a couple weekends ago so we could make mac n cheese.

I was scrolling through pinterest and found mac and cheese egg rolls... whoever comes up with this... U ROCK, I have the sudden urge to roll up everything in an egg roll and throw it into a bucket of oil. (I'm thinking avocado, ice cream, avocado mac n cheese - which really does exist.)

Its my perfect asian cuisine meet carbs with cheese and bacon.  Before I went all county fair on everyone, I decided to start with mac n cheese eggrolls and build my repertoire from there.

The results were gnarly.  So worth the hassle with the oil and prep.  Because using oil to fry stuff is so annoying...

I like turning on the oven and just sticking doughballs in there while I play candy crush.  But again -- expanding my repertoire.  I'll admit that they were HEAVY. I had half of one and needed to slow down.  I made it out strong though..

I made hidden valley ranch from the packet which is THEE BEST ranch out there. (even though ranch smells gross.  I have a rule of not eating something if I don't care for the smell but ranch knocks that rule down.)  Trust, I'm a ranch connoisseur. I mixed it with bbq and that was just a gnarly.

So first off, you gotttttta start with the mac n cheese for the insides of the eggrolls. Mac n Cheese is tricky -- everyone has their self proclaimed recipe thats the second coming of a cupcake but it doesn't work like gotta find what you like..

I like cheesy, bacon, bread crumbs & black pepper.  I still haven't find my favorite but this one works for the eggggrolls.   I added bacon to it but anything is fair game. 

I tried boiling pasta in milk... which to that I say don't because the milk burns.  Then I added two cups of cheese when the pasta was al dente and stirred it all up. 

It was fine when it was hot but when it dried, it was a MAC N CHEESE ICE BERG. 

That recipe is offfff the list.  It was easy to clean the pan after, it was out in one foul chunk and it closely resembled a a patio stone. 

Once you have the mac, you roll it up into egg rolls. This is a good guide.  I used water on the edges to keep it from falling apart.  

The vegetable oil is supposed to be heated to 300 but I think mine was hotter because I dropped the egg rolls in and they were done in a hot second. This recipe for the egg rolls I found said 5 minutes at 300 but whooops. Whatever! they turned out fineee.  It called for chilled mac but mine was still warm.  I'm a stellar direction follower. 

After you fry them, place them on a drying rack with a papertowel under.  I left them sit for a bit because they were on fuego hot.  Cutting them in half lets them cool too.  And it makes them easier to eat!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

28 facts about me!!

I can be private and kept to myself so I've decided the to share a lil something something about me! I've had this blog for over 2 years so if not now? Then never! Cheers to 28 facts because now is the time I choose to over share!

1.  A messy bun is my favorite hairdo in the world.  I could commit to them for the rest of my life.
2. Chrissy Teigen is my ultimate WCW.  She cooks, shes funny (and very outspoken), I like the way she dresses, she has a french bull dog, and always has her hair up.  We both have the half asian/white schtick going on, too.  I fancy myself of being like her... without the legs. :(
3. I'm half Hungarian and half Asian and Hawaiian. My family makes fun of me for not looking it though, and being the palest one!!
4. I have a potty mouth. Not the end of the world!!
5. One of my biggest pet peeves is when people scold me for cussing.
6. I love reading romance books even though I'm not sentimental!
7. When I read books, I typically finish them in 1-2 days.
8. I'm a homebody.
9. I have a huge henna tattoo on my forearm right now and I can't wait to get a real tattoo(s) when I turn 18.
10. I turn 18 on September 26. I'm a libra! I want the Stuart Weitzman 5050 for my birthday!
11. I have a guinea pig named Zsa-Zsa. I love her so freakin' much.
12. I've played club and school volleyball since I was 12.  I'm a setter/DS.
13. I don't watch much tv but Law & Order SVU is my favorite.
14. I have a lowkey obsession with WWE. Bahahah.  I stole my brother's old belt and I wear it around the house when I want to feel festive.
15. I still play my Nintendo DS.  Animal crossings and Mario Brothers are my fave.  My town is named Fiji because I was drinking some when I made it.
16. Same with candy crush..I'm on level 68. I'm waiting for more lives as I type this.
17. I only like dark nail polish.  My mom gets mad at me for painting my nails black.
18. I have the best sense of smell and a penchant for hoarding perfume. Right now I'm into flowerbomb.
19. My brother plays baseball.  I could tell you more about baseball then I could about basketball, football and soccer combined.
20. I love taking bubble baths.
21. I have a massive sweet tooth.  I can eat a pint of Ben & Jerry's every night but I'm always down for hot cheetos and/or bacon potato chips.
22. I like fastfood.  Shake shack is my absolute favorite.  I love making and eating food!!
23. I only drink water & coffee.  I'm a water snob.
24. I own way too much dry shampoo & beach salt sprays.  Messy, texturized hair is the best.
25. When I like something, I get 100% into it.  Thats why I read the 50 shades books 10 times each.
26. I prefer funny selfies over attractive ones.
27. When I find a new song I like, its the only one I'll listen too till I find something new.  Right now everything is Kacey Musgraves.
28. I've had blonde, red, dark brown, light brown, and black hair!! I would love to try lavender or pastel pink one day!