Tuesday, April 7, 2015


It's the Spring 25% off sale at Shopbop!!! I looovvveee Shopbop, I check it in class everyday.  Their 25% off sale is pretty great. You pretty much have carte blanche for the whole website except for a few brands like Stuart Weitzman and Alexander Wang. I was lucky enough to get my Stuart Weitzman boots during their 25% off sale last year. Even though it's not the case this time, [you poor thing] their's enough stuff left to choose from to make it worth your while.  I found some. ;]

Crown Jewels

I'm not going to Coachella this year, and it makes me depressed when I think about it! :(  The line-up isn't great to say the least which is why I decided to opt out this year, but the more I think about it, the more I find myself dreaming of outfits I would wear if I were going to Coachella!   This is typical Reece, always dreaming of outfits with no place to wear them, its about as helpful as the yellow jeweled tubetop I bought [ and have yet to wear, thankfully] a few summers ago, but I think I'm going somewhere with this new idea of mine.  Floral crowns, fringe, cut-offs are all quintessential Coachella brain food. As you read around about it, it's noted that people are sick of the floral crowns, dressing only for a festival, -- talking to you fringe, the vibrant face makeup; the things that drift from people's day to day style.  Essentially, Coachella fashion should reflect what you wear in your day to day life.  Not something obscure and temporary just for the sake of it.  Now if dressing that way makes you happy, go for it and more power too you.  But conformity in the age of crazy is craziness in its very own way.

 Fashion is like a game.  It's always moving, always changing and to be good at that game, you need to pick out what is gonna be hot next.  You always need to be a few steps ahead.  While trends are ephemeral, they do come and go.  The revival of Flares after the resurgence of culottes speaks at this relativity.  So if floral crowns are annoying now, whats next?  Floral, bejeweled headbands, of course!!!!! I spotted one at BCBG while I was prom dress shopping which is actually dreadful, but I tried it on and I fell in love with it!  I'm not sure if it's because I get attracted to shiny objects like a bird or because Blair Waldorf makes me want to bring headbands back but holy moly.  I left it on the whole time while I was in the store and I can't stop thinking about it! If I were going to Coachella I would wear it, with sneakers and messy hair which yields a perfect representation of my own personal style. This headband though, I think I need to own it to wear to prom, weekends, the grocery store and everything in between because heart eyes.  It hasn't been done in a while and I'd like to bring it back.  I mean, look at it!!!!!  Check BCBG for some stellar ones. Anthropologie is right there too.

I've just rambled on about why I need to own an $88 princess headband.  My tomboy style has a secret penchant for sparkly, girly things.   My nochella April would be much bettttter with this sucker dented into my head!!!!!! 

Monday, April 6, 2015

Broccoli Pasta Salad

If you live in LA, you'll know how freakin' good California Chicken Cafe is.  Ugh.  Best Chinese Chicken salad, ever.  I look forward to that salad.  They have a Broccoli pasta salad there, too.  I never wanted to try it because I didn't think it would be good quite honestly, until one day when someone I was with couldn't stop raving about how good it was and how much they love it.  Well, I had a bite and now I LOVE IT.  I may even look forward to it more then the salad.  And hey, if theres salad in the name, then it's healthy! 

1 box of pasta,  don't use orecchiette like I did.  It may look nice in a photograph but they're borderline incestuous pasta!  I had to go through a break apart all the stacks of them that were stuck together.  I may have ate a few while I was at it.  Boy, the struggle. 

1 stock of broccoli
1 cup of Italian dressing/marinade
1 cup of ranch dressing 
Salt  and pepper to taste. 

Start off by boiling water to cook the pasta in.  Follow the instructions on the box to cook the pasta accordingly. 

While you cook the pasta, you should cook the broccoli.  I just put it in a microwave safe tupperware with a lid with water.  And set it on power boil for a minute.  You just want to make the broccoli a little softer. 

After you have cooked the pasta, drain it and let it cool for a bit.  

Once its cooled, you can place the broccoli into a large bowl with the pasta.  Then add a cup of ranch and a cup of italian dressing.  Use a wooden spoon to mix and add in your salt and pepper. Once you taste it, you can decide if you want to add more dressing or salt/pepper depending on your preference.  I like ranch heavy with lots of black pepper!  

Enjoy your salad! ;]

Sunday, April 5, 2015

31 Facts about me!

HM Dress, Old Navy Denim Jacket, Vans Sneakers, Prada Purse, Ray Ban Glasses 

I tend to be a closed off person and like to keep to myself!!  I'm not that interesting but I'm always super nosey when people share facts about themselves {already fact #1?!}  so here goes nothing.. or 31!  Mwahahaha.  31 because everyone does 25, and the "zero" button on my keyboard is broken.  Oi OI! 

1.  I only drink water and tea.  Green juices are disgusting. 
2. I'm Hungarian and Hawaiian/Asian. 
3.  I'm a Canadian and a US citizen. Oh Canada, I really love you!
4. I'm late to school 4 out of 5 days of the week.  Perhaps they call it senioritis?!  But, I'm late for other things too, except volleyball.  Never volleyball.  Or else I get anxiety. 
5.  I hate, hate, hate waking up early in the morning. 
6. I love to cook / bake. 
7.  I'm going to college this fall.  I'll be an English major. 
8. I love the carpool lane. 
9. I'm actually addicted to instagram. 
10. I can eat chips and guacamole till the cows come home. 
11. I have an avocado tree at my house but I'm allergic to the tree and have gotten hives from it before.  I can still eat the fruit though. {Hallejulah!}
12. Orange is my favorite color in general.  Green is my favorite color for purses. 
13. I play volleyball, my brother plays baseball, my dad played hockey.  My family likes sports. Thats part of the reason why I think I like wearing sneakers as much as I do. 
14. I have an iphone 6+ and yes, I know how big it is. 
15. I'm obsessed with facial oils. 
16. I like it best when my hair is messy. 
17.  I don't like Priuses. 
18. I have a love/hate relationship with running. 
19.  I have a tattoo and I want more. 
20. I dream about everything and anything. 
21. When I like something I get obsessed with it until I'm sick of it and move on to the next thing.  
22. Like the same two Ariana Grande songs I've been listening to for the past two weeks.  And the same peanut butter toast I eat for breakfast every morning. Their time will be over soon. 
23. I think Blake Lively and Pernille Teisbaek {LookdePernille} have the best hair ever.  So obviously I want to be blonde again. 
24.  I can't go too long without eating white rice.  It's just an Asian thing. 
25. Oh, I have a gutter mouth. 
26. And a sweet tooth. I just really like food, actually. Macdonalds is great. 
27.  I don't watch much tv but when I do I watch Hockey Wives, Gossip Girl or Law and Order SVU. 
28.  I graduate in a month and I have to wear white shoes, white panty hose and white gloves with a lemon yellow cap and gown.  I'm already thinking of ways to "run" my panty hose.  Whose idea were these pantyhose!?!!??!!???!?!!
29. I've had 4 concussions. 
3O. I love to sing and dance in the car with my best friend. 
31. I'm obsessed with Lululemon.  Thank you to the athleisure movement going on right now.  You make me very happy.