Saturday, May 28, 2016

A case for the choker

I love chokers!!!! I don't wear them a ton, but I try to when I have the chance.  I think they're the bomb with off the shoulder tops.   Chokers and off the shoulder tops go like traffic and the 405 around 6 o'clock.  Chokers make my neck itch and off the shoulder shirts always ride up but HEY, you do what you gotta do! Just like the freeway during rush hour. If you wear chokers right, they're more edgy, chic then punk, which is what I aim for.   See here and here!  I like the thick chokers in a nude color like this.  I think the light color with the thick choker looks less collarish then one like this.  This one is calling my name, chilling in my shopping cart rn.

And ps; Shake Shack is in LA and I'M SO HAPPPPPY!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Highlight meeeee!!

Pajama Reece is a documented fan!!!  Lip is Tarte lip tint in Stunning. 

If you wanna bathe in highlighter like I do..... U NEED TO OWN THIS!!! This new Becca highlighter/blush palette!!!   It's beauty blogger Jaclyn Hill's second collab with Becca. She did this highlighter in Champagne Pop, here.   I own the highlighter in the color opal and I'm obsessed, it gets thrown around my dorm too because I've gotten all my friends hooked. It'll be on the Sephora website May 28 and in store June 16.  I know what I'll be doing May 28th! ;))) 

Pic from Jaclyn Hill Insta 

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

It's been a while...

It's been a while and so much has happened!  Last time I blogged I was on spring break.  Now, I write to you from home, on summer break, officially done with my freshman year of college.  It went by soooooooo quickly!  So fast.  Everything aside with my concussion that took over my first semester and some of my second, once I was able to focus on school and being in college, it was so amazing.  I had the best time, I made some amazing friends and have amazing memories to go along with it all! Moments of laughter, stress, happiness and tears.  Moments that I get to relive all over again in 4 months!!  I'm excited for summer and to relax a bit.  Get a tan and workout a ton!  You forget how nice it is to sleep in a room with just you and to shower without flip flops on. Hahahahahahahah.  The little things! Here's some pictures from my year!

^^^ New England in the fall is gorgeous!! I will never get sick of those leaves. Snow is a totally difffeeerentttttt story. :/

^^ Blurry, yes.  I love getting dressed up to go out.  And chokers and off the shoulder tops go like avocado and toast. 

^^ Oh the snow!!! It's so pretty.  Just not so fun walking to class. 

^^^ They bring baby animals to school during finals to destress. They had a baby pig and I LOVE baby pigs.  I want a mini one so baddd!!!  This baby was so sleeepy.  Totally not what I was expecting. 

^^ Rompers come out when the snow is gone and it feels sooooo good. 

^^^ I went to smorgasburg!! A food festival in Brooklyn.  They have a bunch of instagram food like this waffle.  Sooo good!!! 

^^^ Lemonade. ;)

^^ Pizza and Prada.  Doesn't take much to make me happy. HAAAAA

^^ I go to New York city during smaller holidays (Thanksgiving and Easter) because  I have family there.  I love it so much! 

^^ Flower gelato. 

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

New Shoes

I allwayyyyssss talking about shoes! This is all I wear at school.  Lululemon leggings and sneakers.  It's my jam. I love these roshes because I consider them the non basic kind as I've never seen people with flyknit ones.  They're comfy and have the slightest Yeezy sort of look to them.  They're a win, win, win.