Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Michelin tire man coat

Lulu coat. Paige Jeans. Nike sneaks

How long has it been since I posted a picture of my outfit? Ahhh.  This is the first time in my life where I've actually needed to own a winter coat.  It's not cold in LA, at all.  The most I ever needed was an army jacket for when it was in the 60s so honestly I never paid attention to coats.  The coat I ended up getting last winter was pathetic and no where near warm enough so I jumped in with both feet and got a puffy one!  This is from Lululemon so it's not as puffy as some of the other ones out there but it is soooo warm.  I love it!  I just know if I take picture in it it can't be zipped up all the way because full on spawn of the michelin tire man. 

Saturday, November 26, 2016

NYC photo diary!

This wall practically begs you to come take a picture in front of it so I
 happily obliged... aaannndddddd did not realize till I looked at the picture after the fact that I look JUST LIKE the michelin tire man.  (love this coat so much tho)

I don't go home to LA for Thanksgiving because its a short break so I come to see my cousin^ and aunt in the city.  I'm so blessed to have them! 

I love Union Square park and it's little craft fair. So festive, everybody should go!   I also love candid pictures better than posed ones. 


I'm so happy with my hair at this point.  The length, color, I've perfected how I style it... and naturally now I wanna change it up again. Shame on me.

The prettiest mural in Little Italy! 

I've wanted to go to Kith for sooooo long and I'm obsessed. The girls store is legit the size of a shoe box but I'll happily squeeze in for shoes. 

Adidas NMD / Nike Lunarcharge

Freakin Black Friday and nothing I bought was on sale. Such a me move. But I love both shoes I got!!! I still can't get over the fact that I just walked into a store and found NMDs in my size.  The shoes look similar but I don't even care and I obviiiii need to own both! 

Found these hammocks just outside the Flatiron building.  They're held up by glowing poles so the lighting is great.  Good vibes. 

Sunday, November 20, 2016

The bomb

I don't have enough words to tell you how much I like taking baths!  They're just one of my guilty pleasures because honestly I have lots. Haha.  I don't get to take them at schools because there is only showers, and thats so ok because how gross would bath tubs in college be?  They're definitely not a here thing so when I'm home or visiting family it's a must.  Lush 10000000% has the best bath bombs!  They fizz when you put them in the water, they smell good and change the color of the water.   I have pretty sensitive skin, but I've had no problem with the Lush ones. The one I just got is from the holiday collection but they're all the sameeee. I want to try one of their bubble bombs next because it adds color and bubbles to the water and I always need that in my life. 

Monday, November 14, 2016

13 things......

I'm trying to get back into this so here we go!

1. GO take selfies in the H&M dressing room because how good is that lighting?

2.  My mom is coming to visit me at school in 3 days and my heart is sooo happy!!!

3.  I binged watched the every season of US, Canadian and Australian Border Security on netflix in like, (hmmmm) 2 weekends... I vibe with the weird stuff on netflix.

4.  Theres not much else that upstages fall on the east coast.  I will forever be obsessed with the changing leaves. (aka will not shut up about how pretty they are.) 

5. Pray for me because I get my bio exam back tomorrow.  I don't have a science/ math brain. 

6.  Every becca highlighter I own at the moment is cracked!!!!!!!!!!!!! One my fault, the other two not.... :( They're so fragile but they really are the best highlighters on the market at the moment.  Becca will be taking more of my money. 

7. The lip liner from my Kylie lip kit broke, the liner literally fell out of the pencil.  So. not. cool. Kylie.  I'm loving colourpop and I say go for that instead of the Kylie stuff.  It's all the same.

8. I'm up to 3 coffees a day!!!!!!!!!! Always/only with almond milk. 

9. Olapex 3 is a game changer.  GO get it and trust. 

10.  My clean laundry has been sitting in the basket for 2 days now.  

11.  I coughed this weekend and the choker I was wearing snapped off and broke! uhhhh, HOW TIGHT MUST IT HAVE BEEN? 

12. I was a reese's for Halloween. People here consistently call them "reesies." Wondering if its an east coast thing because they've always been Reese's to me.

13. The fake oreos at trader joes are wayyyyy better than they should be. (get vanilla)