Sunday, November 22, 2015

Update Time

Guess where I am?!  NEW YORK CITY!!! My most favorite place ever! I swear I'll live here one day.  The shopping and good food are a dream!  Between the avocado toast I ate for breakfast and the guacamole I ate at dinner, I think I've had like 4 avocados today.  Can we say HEALTHY FAT?! Good thing I walked 6 miles.  I'm on the search for the best chocolate chip cookie (not so healthy fat) in NY so I'll be back with the results next week.  Such a tough life.

Here's whats happening so far:

Guacamole Reece is the HAPPIEST Reece there ever was. Up there with when she buys a new purse. 

New earrings from the craft fair in Union Square!  I wanna get my ears pierced again and they'll look so good with these mixed and matched.

Heres my RED vest.  And my new Vans and soon to be cold ankles. 
My hand looks weird. 

These are the Fenty Pumas from the Rihanna collab.  I saw someone with them on today and LOVED them.  Prepared to look everywhere for them. 

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Stan Smith

Stan Smith Adidas 

I know anyone and everyone that has ever read a fashion blog has these sneakers.  I've been looking for them since my junior year of high school!  I love adidas, they just run huge so I have a hard time finding my size.  These Pharrell adidas were HELLLLLA cool but so hard to find. They say nothing haunts you like the stuff you don't buy. Ain't that the truth. I will say no one at my school has them.... but then the amount of Sperrys worn there outnumber the student population sooooooooo.    :/

Monday, November 9, 2015


Gap Vest, Gap Sweater, Citizens of Humanity Jeans, Stan Smith sneakers (2 YEARS LATER, I FINALLY GOT THEM.), Urban Outfitters Hat. 

SO vests are my new fave! I wear them everyday, seriously.  Over hoodies. With sweats. This picture documents the 5th time I've worn jeans while in college. I only wear joggers and lululemons. (to which I say screw it because lululemon leggings ARE pants.  they're pants as long as I don't see your actual butt because you're wearing see-through leggings. which don't qualify as pants.  no one ever do that again please.) SO the hat, I gotta tell you.  When I take mirror selfies in stores, I always grab a hat to wear....then never end up leaving the store with it. Hahaha. Maybe I'm just a great big weirdo.   The one in the last picture is just a hat I grabbed to try on, too.  I like them but I don't commit because I don't wear hats a lot.  Though, I really like this one.  I may will go back and buy it.  Then I can wear it to class with my vests and lululemon legging non see-through pants. Bahahahahhahah. 

Sunday, November 8, 2015

At Last....

Gap Jacket, American Apparel Hoodie, Citizens of Humanity Jeans, Steve Madden shoes, Lululemon scarf, Old Navy hat. 

Holy moly, I'm alive and kicking! I have the concussion from hell!!! Anyways, this is what outfit pics look like when you're in college. hahah. I wore this outfit on my birthday.  I feel like I'm an expert layerer now because its get so cold in Mass. I'm over here wearing 4 layers and theres people walking around in shorts and a tee-shirt. Wtf. Thanks for making me look like a jerk. I totally get why people praise LA weather. One thing though, the fall trees here are BEAUTIFUL!  I will never get sick of them, ever!  

I told yaaaaaaa!