Friday, July 31, 2015

Hair going up

I'm a wear hair up lover. It makes me so happy to get it off my face. I normally stick with a bun/ ponytail... But this hair!  It sorta makes it look like I tried a little harder then just my go to bun all the time.  I love this hair and it's super easy to replicate!  It's a half up / half down edgier sorta of style but it could easily be a bun by using all your hair for the half pony tail part instead of leaving some out to leave down. Here's the tutorial.  Go nuts! 

Monday, July 27, 2015

Dorm Inspo

One of the things I'm most excited about is decorating my dorm! My room at home is an explosion of girly pink and soooo thats not my thing anymore.   Color wise for the dorm, I wanna stick with grey!  And accent colors, maybe some orange or yellow and throwing some glitter shit into the mix.  I'm over stuff thats girly and pink but I love sparkle..... I always will, it makes me happy.  Just nothing totally preppy or all pink.  Tame, thats it I'm looking for tame! I'd love to make everything white but lord knows it's gonna get dirty because I can't wear a white shirt without getting dirty.  And having to wash it all the time... again lord knows thats not the way it's gonna be.  I'm looking for cool stuff to hang on the walls.  I think thats what makes a dorm cool.  I'll let you know how it goes. 

Liking the Hawaiian vibe a lootttttttttt. 

I said no pink but I love that duvet!!!! I can do this, it's tame. 

Ok were moving more away from tame but I like the colors. It works well!  And the mcdonalds cups on the bed side table wink wink. ;) I'm a fan.

This one is white and beachy and I'd get you dirty in 2.2 seconds. The wall is cool but no birds, I don't like birds. 

Tame and grey. 

all images from pinterest. 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Princess Shoes

Seems like all I talk about on here anymore is shoes... So a couple weeks ago whilst browsing around Nordstrom Rack, I spotted these beauties in the 7.5 section.  I looked both ways like I was crossing the street (or looking for someone else to come and grab this amazing find before me, whatever works) and swooped them up.  When I first saw them my first thought was "wow those are amazing fakes."  I was sure Nordstrom Rack wouldn't be selling a current, classic, "it" shoe that are sold at Nordstrom and happily paid full price for.. especially in a 7.5!   Maybe in a size 5.5 or maybe a 10, but not a 7.5.  Well, boy was I wrong when I picked these up and they were indeed Manolo Blahnik and a size 7.5.  I was shocked and I was on a shoe porn high!!! These $965 Manolo beauts were on sale for $249! I HAD HIT THE LOTTERY.  I tried them on, weren't horribly uncomfortable, carried them around..walked around with them... tried them on again.  I was on a shoe high and they were coming home with me!!!! Sadly, I came off my shoe high, (per my Mom) who said I don't need them.   (be clear I don't listen to that.) I then got the talk about bringing my shoes to college with me and not having enough room... and then the realization that I was never going to wear these in college.... Then the rip in the satin on the side... then the fact that my feet were squished and realizing that I should probably wear an 8 in Manolos.  SO the shoes stayed there and I really hope they went home with a deserving girl!! They're beautiful!!!!!!!  So point is, browse Nordstrom rack.  You never know what you'll find in your size! 

PS.  I did go home with the running shoes at the bottom.  Not the black ones but the pink and blue ones under it.  They're Saucony and the best running shoes I've ever had!!  I own two pairs and I run in them all the time and feel no pain!!!! I always had trouble with running shoes because I had never found a pair that didn't hurt my feet.  Nikes, Mizunos, Asics never worked but these are a dream and they make running not so heinous.  That is a dream. 

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Shoe Diaries

I was already smitten with this Valentino kitten heel and it's so much better in sparkle.  I'm thinking Cinderella sorta vibes?  They're really girly and my style isn't girly at all but I'd love these with ripped boyfriend jeans and a grey sweater.  Gotta toughen em up. They're dreamy and worth all the crap you'll get for wearing sparkly shoes.  "Wow look at those!"  "Click your heels together!"  Just keep WALKING. 

These babies are MINE.  (side note: how the hell am I gonna bring all my shoes with me when I go to college?!..."You're not" or so I've been told.  picture a thousand wide eyed emojis)  I'm over the Nike roshe runs now because they have become so mainstream and everyone has them.   These are Nike Huaraches.  AKA, literally the most comfy Nikes I've ever owned.  I want them in another color. muahahahah.  Only downside is these run big.  I wear a 7.5 in all my other nikes.  These are a 8.5. 

The Yeezy boosts.  I know these are harder to find then a dermatologist in the sun. Yeeeeeeeppp.   I saw 2 different people wearing these and I loooovvveeeee themmmmm. They look awesome in person.  Not to mention comfy and easy to wear with a bunch of different things.  

Lord knows how much I love tall boots, especially these Gianvito Rossi.  (if you've gotten this far, you'll know I love every shoe and need to search for better adjectives) These are beauties.  I want to wear them with a tee shirts and jean shorts and act like I don't care about anything.